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Will Thompson On The Issues

Bringing the People of Navarro County Closer Together

As your district attorney, Will Thompson will achieve three primary objectives: Increase efficiency in the system and DA’s office, engage with law enforcement and the community, and ensure transparency and equal treatment for all citizens. Working in the Navarro County District Attorney’s Office since 2007, Will is deeply familiar with the issues facing our community.

He will implement an all-encompassing, statistics-based approach to focus resources and efforts on enforcement actions that will reduce the rate of overall crime in the county. Also, by having police officers and prosecutors participate in joint training sessions and regular interaction, both parties can have a better understanding of each other’s roles and work more effectively themselves.

In making the District Attorney’s office more transparent, everybody benefits. Citizens are able to learn the reasoning behind difficult choices, as well as build stronger relationships with law enforcement and prosecutors. Will is an ardent proponent of ensuring justice is delivered evenhandedly, and he will work relentlessly to make sure every citizen is treated equally under the law.

Meet Will Thompson

Your Next District Attorney

From 2007 to present, Will has been fighting for Navarro County at the DA’s office. He has been promoted many times over the years thanks to his consistently successful results, and he served as the First Assistant District Attorney since 2010. Will helped increase the rate of successful prosecution for intoxication-related offenses from 50 percent to 95 percent. He also established training sessions for law enforcement officers from all agencies on courtroom testimony, interviewing witnesses and suspects, the Fifth Amendment, and search and seizure. Additionally, he streamlined the process for investigating family violence cases, as well as created training for paramedics and police officers to make prosecuting these types of offenses easier and more efficient. Over the years, he has conducted over 100 jury trials in Navarro County courts. Will has proved time and time again that he has the experience, tenacity, and integrity required to be District Attorney.

As Your District Attorney,

Will Thompson Is Committed to:
  • Engage With Community & Law Enforcement

    The DA's office will provide regular interaction with both law enforcement and the citizens of Navarro County.

  • Increasing Efficiency

    Implement a comprehensive, statistics-based approach to focus efforts on reducing the rate of violent crime and overall crime in Navarro County.

  • Prioritize Transparency & Equal Treatment for All Citizens

    The DA's office must deliver justice even-handedly to all members of the Navarro community.

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Your Next District Attorney of Navarro County
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