Conservative Republican, Veteran, Proven Leader
Elect Will Thompson as Your Next District Attorney

Will Thompson On the Issues

As the top attorney at the District Attorney’s office Will:
  • Started work in the Navarro County District Attorney’s Office in May, 2007. Promoted to misdemeanor section chief in 2009. Handled all juvenile cases from 2008 to 2010. Managed all asset forfeiture cases from 2009 to 2012. Promoted to First Assistant District Attorney in 2010.
  • Led initiative to streamline process for police to get search warrants for blood samples from persons arrested for intoxication offenses who refused to provide a breath sample. Increased rate of successful prosecution of intoxication offenses from 50% to 95%.
  • Provided training sessions with law enforcement officers from all agencies in Navarro County on search & seizure, 5th Amendment, interviewing suspects and witnesses, and courtroom testimony.
  • Implemented a new protocol and user-friendly forms for police to use in family violence investigations and arranged training for police and paramedics on effective family violence investigation and prosecution.
  • Conducted more than 100 jury trials in Navarro County courts.

As your District Attorney Will plans to:

Engage with the community and law enforcement

Provide regular interaction and training with law enforcement officers on how to conduct investigations on the street that can be successfully prosecuted in court, and to help prosecutors understand the challenges that officers face on the street.

Have members of the District Attorney’s Office participate in more outreach in the community, in conjunction with police so that more citizens have a better understanding of the Navarro County justice system.

Increase efficiency

Work with law enforcement to implement a comprehensive, statistics-based approach to focus efforts and resources on enforcement actions that will reduce the rate of violent crime and overall crime in Navarro County.

Implement plea bargaining policies that are firm, fair, consistent and formulated to provide an incentive to resolve less serious & complex cases early in the process so that more resources and efforts can be spent on the more serious and complex cases. During Will Thompson’s 12 years in the District Attorney’s Office, the rate at which cases are filed has essentially doubled, making a more efficient process imperative. We simply must operate more efficiently.

Streamline the process for police reports and case related documents getting from the police agency to the District Attorney’s Office and then to the defendant’s attorney with a plea bargain offer. The current “system” is slow and inefficient, causing waste of tremendous resources by the jail, police, courts, DA’s office and defense attorneys.

  • Email reports & photos from police to DA’s office.
  • Download case materials onto Odyssey (case management program) so defense attorneys can logon & access instead of coming to the DA’s office to pick up physical copies.

Prioritize transparency and equal treatment for all citizens

The District Attorney’s office must deliver justice even handedly. It’s essential that the District Attorney deliver justice fairly, and in a transparent manner, as to avoid any appearance of impropriety.

“I believe my training and experience in various leadership roles in the District Attorney’s office, the military, and in business as well as the fact that I’ve tried more than 100 cases to juries in Navarro County courts makes me uniquely qualified to lead the Navarro County District Attorney’s Office.”

- Attorney Will Thompson
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